Global warming caused by humans

Global warming affects the whole world. We have to ask ourselves what we did wrong and how we can get out of this situation. There are many opponents against the argument: ’’Global warming is caused by humans!”

In the following text I will explain my reasons about why the greenhouse effect however was caused by us humans.

When the first cars were fabricated by humans the pollution started. Nobody has ever thought about the consequences this will have. It’s obvious that some opponents bring the argument forward that the world climate has changed a lot over the past five billion years and that it’s a normal process. But I don’t think so, because the temperatures are higher as never before and we can prove that this is caused by the greenhouse effect and the missing ozone sphere. The chance that humans are the reason for global warming, burning off fossil fuels, is over 90%! Another dramatic consequence is that our planet is currently around five degrees warmer than during the last ice age. These are facts we can’t deny. We are talking about global warming but the outcome is obvious: We are on the brink of a new great ice age! Our humanity wouldn’t survive it! It’s never too late to do something for our planet that we polluted and to do also something for other generations that will follow. We may thank our stars that todays’ technology is that good, and that we will soon be able to change our energy sources. But that will at least take time, so that every human has to think about how to get out of this situation. We can say that at the moment our planet still exists and we have to heal it like a little beloved child!

Jenny am 29.3.09 17:31

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