There´s a change in the US

Global warming is a big issue affecting the whole world. Our cars, industries and factories pollute the air so fatal that polar ice is melting away, there’s forest dieback, because of these carbon dioxide pollution.

Not many people think about it, not many people know what will happen, if we go on like this.

There has to be a change.

And there will be a change.

Most of the people destroying our nature are living in the US, the country of unlimited possibilities. But these boundless opportunities are to blame for the global warming. The administration doesn’t takes no stock in maintaining the environment. Clinton opposed the Kyoto Protocol, the treaty to fight global warming, so did Bush.

Under the Clinton administration the US Government’s actions regarding the global warming problems were weak and dissatisfying. He was not really engaged and he took issues with a pinch of salt.

Under the Bush administration the attitude got even worse: unacceptable and illogical! He said he doesn’t support the treaty because it’s not in the US economic best interest.

But there comes a change.

The new President Barak Obama attaches importance to nature conservancy. At the University of Maryland's, he insisted that time has come to get active. "We cannot wait to stop global warming," Obama said. "We cannot wait to fix this country." He promises to put mandatory caps on carbon dioxide emissions from industry. Obama said America needs to end its addiction to foreign oil. The burning of all this oil, he said, is helping to melt polar ice. "We are going to cap the greenhouse gases that cause global warming," he told his audience in Baltimore. "We are going to take some of the money that's generated from fining polluters, and we are going to spend billions of dollars on solar, wind and biodiesel.

We will hire young people who don't have a trade and give them a trade making homes more energy”

Obama could bring the change to the US; he could bring the change which is so important to the US and the whole world. Obama has a lot to do, he can’t change a complete set country in such a short time, but he can make people realize how important it is. How important our nature is. He can change the opinion of people and their attitude towards “the country of unlimited possibilities”. He can’t create it alone, but many people agree with him and so nowadays, there´s a new period dawning. A period where air pollution and nuclear weapons are a back number and the country of the unlimited possibilities becomes a country were people save their environment and pay attention to their environment.



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Global warming as a natural process

Everywhere one is reading that climate change is caused by humans. Are the humans the only ones to be blamed? No, because there are some natural causes that have been responsible for the climate changes in the past, too. How big the effect of the natural causes on the climate this time is, shouldn’t be discussed here. But in the following text I’m going to explain some of these natural causes.
First, there
are the volcanoes. A volcano can erupt big amounts of sulphur dioxide (SO2) and water vapour. The sulphur dioxide reaches the upper levels of the atmosphere and forms there together with water droplets sulphuric acid. Sulphuric acid in the atmosphere reflects the sunlight and therefore it screens the earth from some solar energie. So volcanoes can cause immense cooling. With having a global
warming and not cooling they are not important this time.
Second, the oceans cover over 70% of the earth. The oceans move huge amounts of heat and absorb much more of the sun’s radiation as the atmosphere or the landmasses. The heat is released from the oceans in form of water vapour. And water vapour has a huge effect on the greenhouse effect.
Third, there is the continental drift. The continents
weren’t always as we know them today. Once there was one big huge continent but it got divided a long time ago. The dritfting of the continents is still going on, e.g. India is still crushing into Asia and thus the Himalaya is still getting higher. This moving of the continents has an impact on the climate because it’s changing the positions of the landmasses and the flow of the oceans
and therefore the winds.
It is believed that these three causes had an impact on the climate at the end of the last Ice Age. So one better shouldn’t forget them because they are still important.

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Global warming caused by humans

Global warming affects the whole world. We have to ask ourselves what we did wrong and how we can get out of this situation. There are many opponents against the argument: ’’Global warming is caused by humans!”

In the following text I will explain my reasons about why the greenhouse effect however was caused by us humans.

When the first cars were fabricated by humans the pollution started. Nobody has ever thought about the consequences this will have. It’s obvious that some opponents bring the argument forward that the world climate has changed a lot over the past five billion years and that it’s a normal process. But I don’t think so, because the temperatures are higher as never before and we can prove that this is caused by the greenhouse effect and the missing ozone sphere. The chance that humans are the reason for global warming, burning off fossil fuels, is over 90%! Another dramatic consequence is that our planet is currently around five degrees warmer than during the last ice age. These are facts we can’t deny. We are talking about global warming but the outcome is obvious: We are on the brink of a new great ice age! Our humanity wouldn’t survive it! It’s never too late to do something for our planet that we polluted and to do also something for other generations that will follow. We may thank our stars that todays’ technology is that good, and that we will soon be able to change our energy sources. But that will at least take time, so that every human has to think about how to get out of this situation. We can say that at the moment our planet still exists and we have to heal it like a little beloved child!

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